Waikem Hyundai Wins Prestigious President’s Award



Waikem Hyundai managers Don Warner and Kent Witters proudly display the Hyundai President’s Award, given to the dealership this year for having some of the country’s highest customer satisfaction awards.

Waikem Hyundai is among a select few dealers nation-wide to be honored with the Hyundai President’s Award in 2013.

We earned this distinction thanks to some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in country. ¬†Our Massillon Hyundai dealership was honored in recognition of our dealership’s stellar performance. In a letter from Dave Zuckowski, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America congratulated the entire Waikem Hyundai sales staff.

Only two Hyundai dealers in the district achieved this status.

“Your elite-level commitment to customer service is what makes you not only unique like this work of art, but also a role model for other Hyundai dealerships aspiring to deliver on the Hyundai Priority Experience.”

“Thank you for all you do. We are proud to have you as part of the Hyundai Motor America team.”

To commemorate the 2013 President’s Award, Waikem Hyundai was presented with a special piece of artwork to display at the dealership. This unique glass-work was handcrafted by a master artisan using techniques learned under European glass masters. It was created using the Italian incalmo technique (the joining of two bubbles to create two distinctly different design areas). It is ornamented with hand-crushed metallic Italian Goldstone flecks, metallic swirls, dense black and a custom-blended blue, in steps to make it one-of-a-kind.

“No two creations are alike, yet all are expertly crafted with precision to create an award as remarkable and highly regarded as you, one of our 2013 Hyundai President’s Award winners.”

It’s easy to see why Waikem Hyundai is among the most prestigious in the industry. Along with the President’s Award, Waikem Hyundai has an A-Plus Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve also been voted your favorite place to buy a car in About Magazine, and won several awards in the Canton Repository’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Visit Waikem Hyundai today for sales or service and check out our award. Or congratulate Don Warner and Kent Witters next time you see them. Learn more about Waikem Hyundai. Congratulations to everyone at Waikem Hyundai.


Waikem Hyundai is one of a select few dealers nationwide to achieve Hyundai’s Presidents Award

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